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I started the month of February in Charleston, on a two-week trip (possible thanks to working from home) with a clear objective: to escape the winter in Minnesota for a while. And so? What I did I walked the streets for miles at a time, trying a myriad of restaurants and taking in each of the many sights. It was a magical way to infuse some energy into the winter season, and I can still feel its lingering effects as I sit at my desk in Minneapolis on a windy, windy day.

I wish a bit of that magic, the kind that comes from experiencing something new, for all of you this winter. It may not be a trip, but surely anything out of the ordinary will do. Consider taking up an activity you’ve been meaning to try (cross-country skiing, anyone?), venturing out for a bite to eat somewhere new, or buying a bouquet of fresh flowers in the brightest shade you can find to add that extra something to your home.

As we near the end of the shortest month of the year, we take a look back at some of the things our team loved on the internet in February.

Ahead, you’ll find some light-hearted home tours, a cute sweater for spring, a case to bring back personal blogging, and more. We also share the most read articles and best sellers on Wit & Delight for the entire month of February so far. Enjoy!

11 things we love on the internet in February

1. Tour this bright and colorful Stockholm flat and find design inspiration around every corner.

2. Jo’s Cup‘s Joanna Goddard opens up about her divorce.

3. This kale salad is so good, we’ve made it three times (last night was the most recent!).

4. While it’s not spring here yet, it’s been fun browsing so many beautiful arrivals of spring. The new Alex Mill collection caught my eye, especially my favorite sweater, which is now available in pink!

5. One of our favorite designers, Meta Coleman, dreamed up this whimsical and cozy children’s bedroom.

6. In an age of social media platforms, consider this case for bringing back personal blogs.

7. How curved cabinets and shelves can enhance any kitchen design.

8. A serene Danish house with country views.

9. I bought this pleated shade to go with a base I already had. I am very pleased with the style and quality, especially for only $10.

10 A delightful poem about what it feels like to be at peace with yourself.

eleven If anyone is interested in planning a future trip to Charleston, we stayed at Guesthouse Charleston (it was lovely!) and mostly turned to Grace Atwood’s guidebook for recommendations.

W&D Top 5: most read articles in February

1. Horoscopes for February 2023: make your dreams come true

2. These 5 Houses Are Full Of Loved Items – Make A Difference

3. 7 unexpected wallpaper ideas that make a world of difference in any home

4. 7 Of My Favorite Décor Pieces In Our Home Right Now

5. 3 Beauty Products I Tried That Didn’t Live Up To Expectations

W&D Top 5: best-selling products in February

1. Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi $10
Read Kate’s review here.

2. Ruhicollection on Etsy Handmade Kantha Quilt $75 – $130 $30 – $52
The cutest and most colorful throw blanket.

3. Nood The Flasher 2.0 Hair Removal Solution $299 $209
Read Kate’s Product Review here!

4. FabricSG on Etsy Scalloped Stripe Napkins $22+
Kate has and loves this set of napkins.

5. Hunter Kids First Classic Waterproof Rain Boots $65
Choose from six color options.

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