34 Summer Nail Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

There’s a lot to love about summer. Between outdoor activities, al fresco dining, and beach vacations, it’s a perfect season. The only thing you could do without? Triple digit temperatures. Although I do my best to cope with even the hottest and sweatiest of days, I always feel like summer limits my self-expression. I can’t stand wearing more than my lightest summer staples and reduce my beauty routine to serums and sunscreen. But to get my style persona back, I’m going big with my summer nails.

Whether you keep your nails short or prefer bold designs, there’s a summer nail trend for everyone. This season, the nail spectrum runs from natural nudes to neons and everything in between. I’ve scoured social media to find the coolest nail trends from celebrity nail artists and DIYers alike. Bookmark this page and save it for summer nail inspiration that you can take to the salon or try(!) yourself.

Featured image from our interview with Babba Rivera by Belathée Photography.


Without a doubt, Barbiecore is the hottest trend of the summer. Pink is the shade, Barbie is the reason. For me, Barbiecore is a reminder to add a bit of fantasy to your life and do something fun for your inner child. Nothing says everything is pink, including summer nails.

pink soda

Another way to achieve the pink trend is to channel your favorite summer drinks. This bright texture mimics the perfect fizz of a strawberry lemonade or fun summer splash.

pink all day

Short nude style nails are in fashion. (We have the quiet luxury trend to thank.) This rosé-inspired shade of rosy is perfect for a summer vacation.

true nude

For a truly classic look, you can’t go wrong with a shimmering nude. And this summer, you’ll see them everywhere.

milky cake

Pastels are back, mostly in milky shades. I can already imagine enjoying these candy covered summer nails while savoring some soft serve at the beach.

classic red

Red hot for summer: this spicy classic. Choose a tan or a more tomato shade to channel the latest Italian summer trend, #TomatoGirl, for your holiday nails.

strawberry summer

A fun twist on a classic red nail is this easy to do-it-yourself strawberry look. We love strawberries in everything this year, nails are no exception.

Fruit salad

Adding fun pop art to your nails is like a low-risk version of a cute tattoo sticker. This year fruit salad stickers are all the rage. Your mani will be the star of any potluck.


All the best fruits are in season, and what better way to celebrate the harvest than with your summer nails? Adding a cherry detail to a French manicure (or really any other look) is a fun summer style.


Channel this classic summer style with a playful gingham print. Inspired by picnic baskets and sundresses, this whimsical style works on all colors.

Crown of flowers

Flower crowns may be old-fashioned, but flower crown nails are a new take on flowers. Complete a colorful French manicure with a chain of floral details.


Tenniscore is everywhere this summer. On or off the court, we’re channeling preppy style this season. Upgrade your green nails, which were all the rage this spring, with this sneaker twist.


if watching The little Mermaid The live action at the start of the summer inspired you as much as we did, you won’t be surprised by the resurgence of mermaidcore. Anything that feels ethereal and underwater goes for this one: bonus points for shimmer and iridescent sparkles.


For the ultimate retro mermaid reference, channel the beautiful beachy vibes with an aquamarine blue. You could say that we are in love with this shade of blue.

Blue sky

Now that we’re out of the June gloom, the skies are finally clear, and your nails can do the same. One of the most popular colors this summer is sky blue. Just head over to your local salon to get your proof.

head in the clouds

Even if the sky is clear, soft clouds on your nails are an easy DIY that makes any color even more interesting.

star dust

This one is for anyone who checks CoStar daily and asks everyone they know for their star sign. Clear summer skies mean a star-filled night sky. It’s the perfect reason to add star decals to your nails.


The world is your oyster, a truth your summer nails know well. If you’re a fan of adding 3D embellishments to your nails, pearls are a stylish way to jump on this trend. Quiet luxury meets ornate nail art. It’s the best of both worlds.


Another opulent way to adorn your nails is to add crystals. A layer of clear crystals will enhance even the simplest summer looks.

precious stones

Take the crystal trend a step further with colored gemstones. To make it even more personal, research your birthstones and use them to inspire the look.

glamorous shine

Go back to basics and add a layer of glitter to your nails. Get the glam look without the maintenance with 3D nail jewels.

Disco Nails

Is your disco ball your favorite piece of home decor? Do you always take a video of every disco ball you find on a night out? Same thing, and this nail trend is for us. It’s perfect for summer concerts, from Eras (hello, mirror ball) to Renaissance (disco tips!).

stained glass

This colorful take on the disco trend will make your nails look like stained glass. It’s funky, cool and sure to catch everyone’s eye.

fairy tale

Fairycore is the ethereal extension of cottagecore that we’re all here for. Exploring nature all summer long? Do it with fairy-inspired nails. Think: earthy, mossy colors with colorful pops.

rainbow tips

One of the biggest rainbow trends we saw this June was a subtle rainbow tip. Good news: this look is going strong all summer.

Shading Tips

New versions of classic French are all the rage. And while ombre hair and ombre clothing are trends of the past, a subtle ombre gradient on your nails is cool and chic.

neon gradients

Want to take your ombre look to the next level? Try mixing neon gradients with unexpected colors for a bold beach nail look.

neon borders

Another way to test neon is a neon outline around a bare nail. Balance.

neon texture

Textured details are a cool way to embrace 3D nails without heavy maintenance and protruding nail jewelry. Neon lines and textured curves are huge this summer for a fun look.

chrome flame

Embrace the chrome trend and the texture trend with these chrome flame nails. Add some flair to your look while manifesting many evenings spent by outdoor campfires.


The snake trend is a simple DIY with a super cool result. Whether you’re adding snake decals or just embracing snake print, it’s a great way to give the illusion of texture and add a funky pattern to a solid color.


A classic for summer. Channel afternoons in the botanical gardens with butterfly accents on your nails.


The cowboy and western aesthetic is here to stay. Bring all cow print. I am completely here for it.

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