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7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight

While there are plenty of ways to spice up your relationship in the sweet summer, sometimes nothing can compare to heading out on the town with your significant other for a sizzling romantic getaway. It is during this time that you can say goodbye to monotonous routines and everyday stress, and focus on what is really important. They know each other. But forget your regular go-to spots: it’s time to shake things up and add some extra heat with unique destinations that light up the mood.

And luckily, we’ve rounded up seven unexpected travel spots for all kinds of interests (and budgets!) that are perfect for escaping from reality. So whether you’re looking for somewhere near or far, planned or spontaneous, you and your SO are sure to create a magical experience with these getaways. All that’s left to do is decide when to start packing!

7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight
1. For the adventurous couple: Arches National Park in Moab, Utah

For those who like to feed the flames of romance by shooting adrenaline together, Arches National Park is the way to go. Located just five miles outside of Moab, this national park is home to more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches and covers more than 76,000 acres. Now, that’s a LOT of adventure. With deep canyons, dramatic scenery, and breathtaking panoramic views, this is the kind of place every adrenaline junkie needs to experience.

How to spend the days: Bring your hiking boots because you two are about to hit quite a variety of trails. From infamous hikes like Double O Arch, Delicate Arch, and Landscape Arch, to some of the lesser-known trails like the “Primitive Loop,” you’ll have plenty of options right at your fingertips. And if you still have energy simmering after all that walking, consider driving the 18-mile-long Scenic Drive, where you can feast on even more natural visual delight.

How to spend the nights: There’s nothing better than remembering a full day of outdoor adventures like snuggling around a roaring fire. With so many campgrounds around Arches National Park, you’ll have your tent pitched and the flames burning in no time. Once the temperatures drop after a stunning sunset, you can snuggle up together to keep warm while enjoying counting the shooting stars that light up the sky.

7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight 2. For wine lovers: The North Fork of Long Island, New York

While our thoughts tend to gravitate to Napa Valley when we think of wine in the US, did you know that there is an up-and-coming wine country on the East Coast? Located along a 30-mile-long peninsula on Long Island, the North Fork has a dizzying array of around 50 wineries and more than 3,000 acres of planted vineyards.

How to spend the days: Before embarking on a long day of drinking, recharge with a hearty breakfast in the picturesque Love Lane Kitchen. With lemon ricotta pancakes and hearty breakfast bowls, you can’t go wrong. Then move from east to west visiting renowned wineries such as warehouse account, The Vineyards of Campo Viejoand Bedell Cellars.

How to spend the nights: If you want to switch your gears from wine to beer once the sun goes down, the ever-so-popular Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. will offer a fun environment where you can drink craft beers, eat 13-inch pizzas and play live music.

7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight3. For Foodie Couples: Portland, Oregon

There is a reason why the Washington Post he once named Portland, Oregon the number one food city. From artisan coffee and original donuts to tasty food truck cuisine and cheap happy hours, this city is a foodie’s dream. No matter what kind of dining experience you and your partner are looking for, you’re sure to find it in this charismatic corner of the Northwest.

How to spend the days: Start your day with a sugar rush by visiting Blue Star Donuts for an extra sweet treat. These handmade cushioned donuts are out of this world delicious and dipped in fun glazes like passion fruit-cocoa-nib, lemon-poppy-buttermilk, and chocolate-salted almond. Don’t worry if your mouth is already watering… me too.

The fun continues with Portland’s beloved selection of food trucks. With over 600 cars, the hardest decision will be where to start. Fortunately for your taste buds, most carts are grouped in “pods” throughout the city, making trying out various cuisines extremely convenient. From Thai, Indian, European and Mediterranean (trust me, the list goes on…) you can pretty much eat all over the world, all from one city.

How to spend the nights: If you’re looking for a great taste without draining your wallet, head over to Vietnamese cuisine Luc Lac for happy hour. Held daily from 4-7 pm, there are delicious small plates for as little as $2 and select cocktails starting at $6.

7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight 4. For nature lovers: Asheville, North Carolina

Tucked away in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s where you’ll discover the quiet pocket of Asheville, North Carolina. The fresh mountain air and the wide range of outdoor activities will make any nature enthusiast immediately fall in love with this corner of the forest.

How to spend the days: Drive along the scenic drive of the Blue Ridge Parkway, where you can enjoy fascinating close-ups of the Appalachian Highlands. Then, embark on some wet and wild fun chasing dozens of waterfalls, many of which are right next to the highway. And if you’re still looking for more outdoor adventures, consider exploring the land by hiking, rock climbing, and/or biking. With over 300 miles of trails along the avenue, the outdoor options are endless.

How to spend the nights: What would a trip to Asheville be without experiencing the world famous Biltmore Estate? After brushing up on your history skills touring this mansion, end the day with a stop at the on-site winery for complimentary tastings. Wine and a French-inspired chateau. Does it get more romantic than that?

7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight5. For Charm Seekers: Charleston, South Carolina

Candy-colored pre-war houses. Picturesque cobbled streets. Elegant Spanish moss hanging from old oak trees. I don’t think there’s anywhere lovelier than Charleston. And with the leisurely pace contagious, you and your lover are bound to slow down, relax, and just savor the present moment.

How to spend the days: One of the best ways to discover the charms of this southern port city is to ride a bike through its streets. And if you’re looking to spend your time on the water, there are numerous tours you can join for sightseeing. Whether it’s boarding a sailboat, ferry or water taxi to cruise around the harbour, you simply can’t go wrong.

How to spend the nights: Take a walk through The Battery to watch Mother Nature paint a beautiful sunset before your eyes. Hand in hand, the two of you will be instantly enveloped in endless beauty, especially with the iconic historic mansions on one side and the serene harbor on the other.

7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight6. For city-loving couples: Chicago, Illinois

We all know that Chicago is abuzz with excitement. But in the summer, those lively vibes skyrocket. Whether it’s touring historical landmarks, taking part in dynamited food scenes, or window-shopping along the Magnificent Mile, this radiant city is brimming with things to do.

How to spend the days: Explore the spectacular Navy Pier to discover exciting attractions and panoramic views. Marvel at the iconic metallic “Bean”. Experience the city from a different perspective by walking across the 103rd floor glass platform at the Willis Tower. With attractions around every corner, your itinerary will quickly overflow with exhilaration.

How to spend the nights: Since the city really begins to shine once the sun goes down, take in the dazzling skyline as you embark on an architectural tour. As you cruise down the river, you and your partner can revel in the surrounding beauty, while learning about the fascinating history behind the infamous skyscrapers.

7 Unique Romantic Summer Getaways – Wit & Delight7. For couples with an endless wanderlust: Lake Como, Italy

If you’re looking to embark on an adventure abroad, look no further than Italy’s most idyllic retreat: Lake Como. Located just an hour from Milan, Lake Como is one of the most picturesque lakes in all of Europe. With majestic mountains and sparkling waters, you’re sure to start enjoying the magical setting as soon as you arrive.

How to spend the days: Immerse yourself in the charm by boarding a ferry to sail around the lake. Here you can admire the ancient cities and colorful villages up close while sailing on the gentle waves.

How to spend the nights: After gliding across the lake, head to the shore for generous glasses of wine, hearty helpings of pasta, and a couple of scoops of ice cream. Talk about an Italian dream!

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