An Honest Review of Rothy’s The Lace Up Sneaker

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Coming off the end of the most amazing first date in Europe, I was well aware of how important high-quality walking shoes are. While I had packed a few of my favorite pairs of sneakers, my feet were in dire need of propping up and reviving. As much as I love my usual go-tos (and as comfortable as I usually find them), they just aren’t made for miles and miles of walking every day for 12 days straight, and my poor sore soles and ankle blisters proved it.

Because of this, I set out to find the perfect travel shoe, a pair that could be worn just as easily with leggings, shorts, and culottes as with dresses. Searching for recommendations on social media, I came across Rothy’s The Lace Up Sneaker ($169), a pair so remarkable it has racked up 8.2 billion Views on TikTok.

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Naturally, I had to give them a whirl. Read on for my honest review of the cult-favorite shoe.

rothy lace up sneakers

Available sizes: 5-13

Colors: 6

  • ultra comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Made from sustainable and recycled materials.
  • fully washable
  • No break-in period
  • adjustable laces
  • robust design
  • Expensive
  • I personally wish there were more color combinations available

All about Rothy’s lace-up sneakers

Rothy’s is known for its recycled plastic footwear and accessories. While most of the sustainable brand’s footwear offering is dedicated to flats, more recently, they’ve delved into sandals and sneakers. Rothy’s lace-up sneaker, in particular, features a soft and flexible upper, a contoured footbed, padded ankles, durable and supportive rubber soles, and adaptive lacing for the perfect fit. Sold in six colors in women’s sizes 5-13.

One big advantage of these streamlined sneaks? They are machine washable. Simply remove the insoles, tie the laces, and toss them in a cold wash on the delicate cycle. From there, let them air dry. Easy peasy.

Are Rothy’s lace-ups worth it?

$169 for a pair of minimalist knit sneakers definitely feels like a splurge, but from the moment I slipped my feet into Rothy’s lace-up sneakers, I immediately understood why they’re worth the investment.

For starters, lace-up shoes are very easy to put on and take off (a big plus when going through TSA). Even after tying the laces a bit tighter, I was able to remove them with ease.

Once my feet settled into the shoes, I was amazed at how soft and comfortable they are. In truth, these sneakers are so light and cloud-like that I was tempted to wear them without socks, but the slightly textured fabric, while incredibly comfortable and breathable, would probably irritate my little toes over time if I were bare, so they were socks. Paired with Bombas’ thin lightweight no-show socks and my thicker All in Motion Cushioned Active Socks from Target, Rothy’s Lace Up Shoes fit like a dream without any uncomfortable pressure points.

rothys slippers

The fact that I found these non-sports shoes supremely comfortable from the first wear, without an ounce of fit, is enough for me. Rothy’s Lace Up slipper is the perfect travel slipper. They’re versatile, breathable, cozy, and packable, making them an A+ pick in my book. The only thing that could make them better is if they were sold in a brighter color palette. I’d love to see these sneakers in solid silhouettes or accented using other popular Rothy shades, like Dragon Fruit (aka Barbie’s perfect pink), Periwinkle, and Shamrock. As long as the brand offers them, I’ll be the first in line to add them to my cart.

Our editors select these products independently. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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