Andrew Hause Squats 362.8 Kilograms (800 Pounds) for 6-Rep PR

Hause is roaring on his return.

While strong and powerful, Andrew Hause probably couldn’t lift a real house. However, the very idea that the weightlifter could even attempt such a seismic feat of strength is a nod to the Hause reputation that precedes him. He may have returned to add to his mind-blowing rap sheet.

On July 16, 2023, Hause posted a video on her Instagram where she completed a back squat with 800-pound wraps for six reps in his second set. According to Hause, the training session was a personal record (PR). Instead of using a traditional bar, Hause used a cambered bar that curved around his upper back and decreased the shoulder mobility needed to hold the bar in position. The athlete wore wrist wraps, knee pads, and a lifting belt during the milestone squats.

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As a young powerlifter, Hause already has little to prove. The athlete burst onto the scene in 2022 with amazing displays of power, both in training and on the competitive platform. A few examples include a 467.8-kilogram (1,031.4-pound) squat with enveloping PR from a July 2022 training session and a 420-kilogram (926-pound) PR raw deadlift nearly a week later.

While pulling off these astounding PRs, Hause would put the all-time world record total with wraps in the 700-pound division in her sights. He would break that mark at the end of August 2022 with a 1,117.5 kilograms (2,463.6 lb) total with wrappers at the 2022 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) American Pro. Hause has not competed since, citing, in a separate Instagram post, undisclosed personal reasons that needed to be prioritized. The athlete was apparently on his way to compete in an undisclosed competition in May 2023, but he withdrew, likely for the same reasons.

In recent months, it seems like Hause is back on his “ways to destroy the world,” constantly sharing different updates on his training and overall progress in the gym, like his six-rep squat with immersive PR. A 455-pound (206.3-kilogram) raw bench press set for eight reps in June 2023 could stand out as another notable footnote on Hause’s growing resume.

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As of this writing, it is unclear where or when Hause will compete next. All that seems final is that she has once again honed his skills and talents in the gym. Based on his precedent, such a development could only be bad news for any of his competitive peers.

Featured Image: @daspowerhause on Instagram

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