Her Spirit Podcast Feature – Strength Training (Couch2Kilos)

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Strength Training for Women: Her Spirit Podcast Feature

A New Year brings with it the whole New You trope, but there’s one element of fitness that really isn’t just for a New Year, and that’s strength.

In case you missed my social media announcement, I officially joined the Her Spirit coaching team in January 2022 to kick off their Couch2Kilos challenge.

Couch2Kilos is a free 6-week strength challenge designed to help women get stronger. With 3 different levels for live sessions, there really is something for everyone.

As I write this, we are halfway through 6 weeks, but it’s never too late to join and the challenge will happen again. But a couple of weeks ago, myself, the other two coaches (Mel Young and Becks Oladele) of Couch2Kilos, and Her Spirit co-founder Holly Woodford sat down with podcast host Louise Minchin to chat about the show and what she’s been up to. strength means to us.

It’s a great conversation about all the benefits of strength training and how it helps build body confidence and feel more capable of coping with daily life.

Listen to the episode of Her Spirit:

You can join me weekly for level two, which is for those who are fairly active (2-3 times a week) and have done some strength training at home or at the gym. You may have struggled with consistency and need others to motivate you to stay on track, so you’ll be in the right place for support.

“I listened to the HerSpirit podcast on my commute this morning. I love the podcast and especially loved the focus on strength…something I’m totally unaware of but now I’m excited to try!

Charlotte (on Instagram)

Minimal equipment is needed for level 2, either some resistance bands or light dumbbells (1kg-5kg) or whatever you can find to use. So come and try it!

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