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Get perfectly juicy chicken on the inside and stunning grill marks on the outside by grilling chicken at 400ºF over direct heat for about 15 minutes.

The key to grilled chicken recipes is the internal temperature. Be sure to grill until it reaches around 160ºF.

chicken breast on a plate.

Grilled chicken is a summer staple at our house. Heck, even in the dead of winter when it’s snowing, we’re making grilled chicken breast (I have a photo and video to prove it)!

My favorite recipe calls for chicken breasts, a few seasonings, and grilling the chicken over direct heat at about 400ºF until the internal temperature reaches 160ºF.

We’ve got plenty of grilled chicken recipes over on Fit Foodie, so if you’re looking for a different cut, try our other popular variations: Grilled Chicken Thighs, Grilled Chicken Thighs, Beer Can Chicken, or Grilled Spatchcock Chicken.

What you need for grilled chicken

  • Chicken breast: we recommend boneless, skinless chicken breast for this recipe. If possible, buy chicken breasts that are a similar thickness so they have similar cooking times.
  • Seasonings or marinade: This recipe keeps things very simple with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, however, I love using a few teaspoons of our Chicken Seasoning or Dry Chicken Rub. Also, use one of our Chicken Marinades or our Epic Grilled Chicken Marinade for flavor too.
  • Meat tenderizer + cutting board: While this isn’t always necessary to perfect grilled chicken, we recommend pounding the chicken to the same size.
chicken breast on cutting board.

Top Tips for Grilling Chicken Breast

  • Remove moisture before cooking
  • Grill at 400ºF for about 15-20 minutes
  • Cook until chicken reaches 160ºF
  • Let stand for 10 minutes after grilling.

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grill chicken.

Grilled Chicken FAQ

What goes well with grilled chicken?

Serve your grilled chicken breast with a baked potato, grilled asparagus, or a delicious broccoli salad recipe!

How do I grill the perfect chicken breast?

To make the best grilled chicken breast, we suggest heating the grill to 400ºF. Grill chicken 5 to 7 per side and continue cooking until internal temperature reaches 165ºF.

Should I pound my chicken before grilling it?

The choice is yours. We don’t personally pound our chicken before grilling because we love it when some edge pieces get nice and charred, but we do have the option of using a meat tenderizer to pound the chicken so everything is the same thickness.

How long to grill chicken breast?

Grill the chicken breast at 400ºF for about 15-20 minutes, turning after 7-8 minutes. Grill until internal temperature reaches 165ºF.

How to prevent your chicken from sticking to the grill?

We recommend spraying the grill grates with nonstick cooking spray just before cooking. Alternatively, you can use a piece of aluminum foil with nonstick cooking spray.

How long does grilled chicken last in the fridge?

Your grilled chicken breasts will last up to 3-5 days in the refrigerator.

Should you let chicken rest after grilling it?

Yeah! By allowing your chicken to rest, not only 1. let it cool so you can eat it, but 2. the chicken continues to cook about 5ºF longer and becomes juicier and moister.

cubed chicken breast on cutting board.


Our biggest tip when storing grilled chicken breast is to allow it to cool completely before refrigerating, so moisture doesn’t condense.

So, let it cool, transfer any leftovers to an airtight container, and store in the fridge for up to 3-5 days.

What to do with leftovers

There are so many amazing recipes you can make with leftover chicken! Try a chicken salad, grilled chicken salad, buffalo chicken wrap!

Serving Suggestions

Looking for inspiration to pair with your grilled chicken recipe? Check out some of our favorite grilled sides that you can pair with your chicken breasts: Grilled asparagus in aluminum foil, Baked potatoes in aluminum foil, grilled zucchini, roasted carrotsand Grilled red potatoes in foil pack.

More grilled chicken recipes

We have so many amazing grilled chicken recipes over on Fit Foodie Finds and we thought we’d highlight the most popular ones below. Enjoy!

Grilled Chicken Salad

There is nothing better than a crunchy topping filling. Grilled Chicken Salad on a hot summer night.

Salad in bowl with dressing

grilled chicken legs

Ever you wonder how to roast chicken thighs? Look no further because these are the BEST grilled chicken legs in all the earth. We’ll teach you how to make the most amazing chicken dry rub and give you a step-by-step tutorial to get the best out of it. grilled chicken thighs recipe ever.

chicken thighs in basket

Easy Grilled Chicken Thighs

these are the best grilled chicken thighs because the skin is nice and crunchy on the outside while the inside is tender and juicy.

chicken thighs on a plate

More grilled chicken recipes

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