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I did not make many purchases last month, but I am very satisfied with the products that did I ended up buying in April. I struck a good balance when it came to spending and made some really intentional purchases that offer both functional and emotional benefits (like this wrap organizer). And that’s really what this series is about after all.

These are the seven things I liked the most in April…

1. ordinary squalane oil


This squalane oil is a great product to lock in moisture as the last step in my skincare routine. I also love the $10 price tag – doesn’t break the bank and gets the job done right!

2. sacred spaces by Carley Summers (gifted)


Carley is an incredibly talented online friend. Am affectionate his new interior design book, sacred spaces. This book includes beautiful photos of houses from around the world. It also includes interviews with the people who live in them, who tell stories about what home means to them and how they want to feel in their spaces.

I’ve always appreciated Carley’s candor about her origin story and why her work as an interior designer is so much more than just aesthetics. I have a feeling that she is someone whose purpose in life and passion for interior design are totally aligned, and you can feel it in this beautiful book.

3. Jan Palombo Heart Stud Earrings


Puffy heart jewelry is a trend right now, and I wanted to find a way to participate that still felt true to my own style. These heart earrings were just what you needed. They are fun and very well done.

4. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs by America’s Test Kitchen


This cookbook was a gift from my mom to my children. The recipes are really good and accessible for little kids, making it easy for them to help me in the kitchen. I have found that my strong-willed daughter in particular is very likable and helpful if I can find ways to invite her to do things with me. I’ve been trying to do that lately when it comes to cooking and this book has been a great resource. Things slow down and an element of chaos is added, but it’s worth spending that kind of time with them!

5. Sézane Pippa dress (gifted)

Sézane Pippa dress and other things I loved in April 2023


I love how I feel in this dress! It’s so comfortable it’s like I’m wearing pajamas, but I still feel great while wearing it. I recently wore it for drinks combined with these espadrilles, also from Sézane. The dress runs a little big on me in my experience, so consider sizing down if you’re between sizes.

6. SpaceAid Wrap Organizer


This handy wrap organizer was another organization solution I found for my kitchen. It makes plastic wrap so much easier to cut and I appreciate how it holds multiple wrappers in a neat and tidy way.

7. Williams Sonoma Silver Champagne Bucket


I found some great things at the thrift store last month and a silver champagne/wine bucket was one of them! The champagne bucket pictured above is very similar to the one I found while looking for second hand items. I had been looking for something like this for a long time and plan to use it to hold chilled bottles of wine at parties. This is a high quality entertainment item that I know I will use again and again for years to come.

Here are some other similar options:

Crate & Barrel Wine/Champagne Bucket $60
Champagne Bucket by Monique Lhuillier of Pottery Barn $139 currently on sale for $118
Vintage Silver Punch Bowl via Etsy $225

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