Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast Real Name & Pics 2021

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast | Mohabbat Chor Di Maine is a new drama that is being aired on Geo TV. In 2021, Geo TV has aired many dramas, including Ishq Mohabbat and Pyaar drama. ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3’ is also one of Geo TV dramas. This drama will be the most-watched drama in Pakistan in 2021.

Geo TV is one of the few television channels producing the best family dramas in Pakistan. The cast of the drama we are talking about today is the drama serial Mohabbat Chor Di Maine. This drama is the best cast in which Mohsin Abbas Haider, Hajra Yameen, Maryam Nafees, and Farhan Malhi are playing the lead roles.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast 

The drama is written by famous Pakistani writer Naila Ansari and directed by Shaqielle Khan. Hajra Yameen is playing the role of Komal in the drama serial Mohabbat Chor Di Maine. The story of the drama revolves around Komal because all the people around her are distraught by Komal’s road behavior.

Below are the actual names and photos of all the cast and crew of the drama serial Mohabbat Chor Di Maine. We hope you enjoy the information.

Writer : Naila Ansari
Director : Shaqielle Khan
Producer : Asad Qureshi & Abdullah Kadwani

Full Cast

Real Name Role Name
Mohsin Abbas HaiderOmar
Hajra YaminKomal
Maryam NafeesSeher
Farhan MalhiHamza
Rushna KhanZaini
Haris WaheedBazil
Fareeha JabeenFaouzia
Mohsin AijazSarfaraz
Minahil NaveedFaiza
Seemi PashaShehnaz

Mohsin Abbas Haider [ Omer ]

Mohsin Abbas is playing the role of Omar in this drama. He has a heartfelt personality. Omar gets married to Komal, but he is distraught with Komal’s behavior. Komal insults Omer and doesn’t listen to him. Omar then remarries his cousin Seher which he doesn’t tell Komal about, but Komal finds out, and she creates many problems in Omar’s life.

Mohsin Abbas is one of the best actors and singers in Pakistan. He was born on August 18, 1986. Mohsin first appeared on television in 2011 in the Geo TV program ‘Banana News Network.’ He has also acted in many TV shows. His most famous TV show was ‘Mazak Raat’ where he has worked as a DJ for a very long time. The program is aired on Dunya News. Besides, he has acted in various Pakistani films and dramas. His most famous film was ‘Na Maloom Afrad and Baji.’ Now he is Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast.

Mohsan Abbas Haider

Hajra Yameen [ Komal ]

Hajra Yameen is playing the role of Komal in this drama. It is a negative character who will be a challenging character for Hajra. In this drama, Komal is known for keeping every member of her family under her control.

But when she finds out about her husband Omar’s second marriage, she adds a lot of trouble to his life because she wants to avenge Omar’s disgrace.
Hajra is a beautiful and promising actress. She was born in Karachi and started her career in showbiz in 2016. Hajra’s first play was ‘Teri Raza’, in which she played the role of a supporting actress.

She was best known for his super hit drama Ehd e Wafa. The drama was aired on Hum TV in 2020. Apart from dramas, Hajra Yameen has also acted in Pakistani films. Her films include Zarrar, Pinky Memsaab & Maan Jao Naa.

Hajra Yamin

Maryam Nafees [ Seher ]

Maryam Nafees plays the role of a cousin of Mohsin Abbas (Omar) in the drama serial Mohabbat Chor Di Maine , Seher. In the drama, she happily remarries Omar because she knows that Omar’s first wife, Komal, does not care about Omar, and because of this, Omar is upset.

Maryam Nafees is a good actress who was born in Islamabad. She started her career in 2015 with Hum T’s drama ‘Diyar e Dill. The audience liked her performance. Since 2015, she has acted in many dramas, including super hit dramas like Joothi, Fitoor, and Bhook. Now he is Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast.

Maryam Nafees

Farhan Malhi [ Hamza ]

Farhan Malhi is playing the role of Hamza in this drama. He is a rising star in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Farhan started his career as a VJ, but in 2015 he joined Pakistan’s drama industry. Her first drama was Kasie Tum Sa Kaho, which aired on Hum TV in 2015.

Farhan has acted in many dramas since 2015. He has a huge fan following on Instagram. Farhan Malhi’s Dramas include Shiza, Tera Liya, Kaisa ha Naseeban, Piya Naam ka diya & Rani Nokrani.

Farhan Malhi

Rushna Khan [ Zaini ]

Rushna Khan’s name is Zaini, who plays the role of Omar (Mohsin Abbas) ‘s younger sister in this drama. She is a beautiful and excellent actress who has impressed the audience with her performances in many dramas before. It is hoped that soon Rushna Khan will be counted among the famous actors of Pakistan.

Rushna Khan

Haris Waheed [ Bazil ]

Haris Waheed is playing the role of Bazil in the Mohabbat Chor Di Maine drama. He was born on January 2, 1994, in Karachi. Harris became famous for his role as Zafar in the drama serial ‘Do Bol.’ She has acted in many dramas, including Dour, Safar Tamam Howa, Mere Apne, Mujhe Wida Kar, Qayamat & Kasa-e-Dil.

Haris Waheed

Fareeha Jabeen [ Faouzia ]

She is a Brilliant Actress. Now he is Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast.

Fareeha Jabeen

Mohsin Aijaz [ Sarfaraz ]

Mohsin Aijaz [ Sarfaraz ]

Minahil Naveed [ Faiza ]

Minahil Naveed is a child actress. She work different drama before this drama. And Now she is Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast.

Minahil Naveed

Seemi Pasha [ Shehnaz ]

Seemi Pasha

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