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Period History Podcast Feature

If there’s one thing in this world I’m so grateful for right now, it’s the progress we’ve made when it comes to women’s health. I feel like being home during the pandemic gave the world time to reflect.

For example, it brought issues like BLM to the fore. She illuminated the stark reality that although there are 3.9 billion women on this planet (49.58% of the world’s population), women were left behind. Especially in health, fitness and wellness.

It’s crazy to think that not so long ago women couldn’t vote, wear pants, or ride a bike. Sports bras weren’t even invented until 1977! Then, in 1967, when Kathrine Switzer tried to run the Boston Marathon, the race director attacked her and tried to physically remove her from the race because she was a woman.

But I think the good news is that we’ve caught on and we’re talking. We learn a lot throughout our lives, but never about how the female body works. So I enjoyed educating myself, learning about my menstrual cycle, and adding to the conversations that make periods less taboo.

Awareness of the menstrual cycle is power

I think it was the book Roar! by Dr. Stacy Sims that actually changed everything for me, but she had heard a lot of people talk about Invisible Women. However, Roar was a resource with practical information for physically active women that could be applied to my daily life.

Then, more recently, I read Period Power, which was a surprisingly insightful read, before I got my hands on a copy of Le’Nise Brothers’ You Can Have A Better Period. Le’Nise is a registered nutritionist specializing in women’s health, hormones and the menstrual cycle and is the host of the Period Story podcast.

conversation periods on the blog

Period Story is a podcast where Le’Nise sits down with several guests to talk about the history of her period, while breaking down some of the myths and misconceptions about periods, and much more.

In episode 59, I talk to Le’Nise about my experience of being on the pill since I was 13 and what I did to learn about my body and my menstrual cycle after coming off the pill. We also dove into the effects taking anti-inflammatories for period pain had on my stomach, how awareness of the menstrual cycle and being in tune with my body helped me complete a half marathon just before my period started, and of course, the story of my first period

Listen to the Period Story podcast episode:

Know Me – Elle Linton

And, in case we haven’t met before, I’m Elle, the creator behind ‘keep it simpElle’. I am also a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Running Coach and Cycling Coach in Essex.

I absolutely live to help women choose and find their strength, whether it be through cycling, running, or general fitness. However, in times past, the words STRONG and WOMAN were not even put in the same sentence.

But now, with books like Next Level by Dr. Stacy Sims sharing research on how to be physically active as a perimenopausal or menopausal woman, age shouldn’t be a barrier, it’s just a new chapter.

Sitting down and having this talk with Le’Nise came at an interesting time for me. I’ve learned that my period is a good indicator of my overall health, so it’s been important to track and understand it.

I recently subscribed to the Natural Cycles app for more data and information about my cycle. NC helps predict ovulation, which will help me navigate my luteal and follicular phases and get in sync with my workouts. I am also considering switching from Whoop to the Oura ring since it integrates with Natural Cycles t

I am also awaiting delivery of a DUTCH hormone test kit to help me get to the bottom of some health issues in recent years. I learned about this when I read Period Power. Once I’m more clear about what’s going on, I’ll definitely be sharing more on the blog.

In the meantime, once you’ve listened to the podcast, please leave a comment below or on my social channels to let me know what you think.

Listen happy,


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