Putting on Barbie Pink is a powerful, mood-boosting move

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Barbie is the cultural reset we needed. Super weird and toxic idealistic standards aside (if a doctor offers a “Barbie nose job,” run), Barbiemania is the PR breakthrough the color pink has been waiting for. Barbie Pink is power. It’s not just for little girls in tutus, mean teens on Wednesdays, or Elle-Woods wannabes. Adults obsessed with pink—Hello It’s MeI have long known the power of this color. But now, more people are getting in on the fun.

Pink is for adult adults who unabashedly indulge in fantasy and play. We’re rocking all the hot pink lipsticks, dresses, and platforms. And absorbing all the accompanying benefits to improve mood.

“When we reclaim a color like hot pink, using it as a badge of strength and inner beauty, the color itself becomes a reflection of the wearer,” says Carla Marie Manly, PhD, a clinical psychologist and author of smart date ($17). “For many, the vibrancy of hot pink provokes wilder feelings of passion, romance, and sensuality. For others, hot pink evokes warm feelings of femininity, sweetness, comfort, and compassion. Some associate hot pink with powerful feminine intuition and empowerment. Hot pink, as a symbol of compassion, strength and feminine energy, can be a wonderful tonic to uplift the mood of the soul.”

Because the love of pink is often (albeit wrongly) infantilized, reclaiming the color pink as an adult can connect you to your inner child, whether you once loved the color or rejected it as “too girly.”

“Bold colors have the job of bringing out the playful energy of the inner child,” says Dr. Manly. “Hot pink hues speak to the inner child that often longs to be seen, loved and treasured. When we embrace bold, optimistic shades like hot pink, the inner child feels free to come out, play and be seen.”

Dying to try pink but feeling shy? now is the perfect time.

“If you’re nervous about wearing a hot pink, allow yourself to sit with the feelings of nervousness to understand your roots,” says Dr. Manly. “In many cases, the inner critic is trying to convince you that should not to do something because ‘it’s not right’. If your inner critic is the cause of your anxiety, imagine breaking free from that negative voice. So, choose a different inner message, a mantra, that feels empowering like, ‘I want wear hot pink because it makes me smile’ or ‘I choose wear hot pink because it makes me feel strong and wild.’ Whatever your mantra, accept your right to wear whatever makes you feel happy.”

10 Ways To Incorporate Pink Barbie Into Your Everyday Look

As you browse the items below, have fun and add only what sparks joy to your cart. “When it comes to wearing hot pink, or any other color that makes you feel strong and amazing, tune in to what feels right to you,” says Dr. Manly. “You have the right to wear colors that allow your soul to shine through.”

1. Go subtle with blush

I’ve been using the Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Cream ($20) in the new Dream Hour shade every day since it arrived on my doorstep. It’s the perfect fuchsia – it’s bright and sugary with subtle blue undertones to really make it pop.

2. Shake your eyeliner

You can be subtle with pink eyeliner—the Beauty Precision Pencil 19/99 ($26) in Rozsa is perfect for this. It has a super creamy formula that applies easily and can achieve a strong line or a sensual stain.

3. Go to the full camp

He barbie movie is camp at its finest, and I can’t think of a cheesier item than the Croc Siren Clog ($75) in pink. They are absurd. They are horrible. They are iconic.

4. Take Barbie to work

There’s nothing more badass than a pink Barbie blazer and you can’t tell me otherwise. The Camila Coelho, Morena Blazer ($198) in fuchsia pairs this super-feminine hue with sharp, boxy lines for an elevated mix of whimsy and structure. And the little dot at the top of the lapel is *chef’s kiss.* Complete the look with the matching Paulina Short ($128).

5. Protect those peepers

These sunnies are YOU. That’s all.

6. Get your bag

I love statement bags, so the Brandon Blackwood Nia Bag ($450) has been the main character of my dreams since I first saw it. It is a hand woven bag made of red and pink leather and it is very chic.

7. Sleep like Barbie

While your Barbie head hits your Barbie pillow and you drift off into the land of your Barbie dreams, why not throw on a Barbie nightgown? The Lunya Washable Silk Tulip Back Set ($188) in the limited-edition shade Caffeinated Pink is the perfect grown-up answer to the Barbie nightgown you had when you were eight.

8. Come on, Barbie. Let’s go to the party

Be the center of attention at any party you walk into in the stunning Norma Kamali Diana Metallic One-Shoulder Mini Dress ($225). It’s made of a poly-spandex blend with four-way stretch, making it so comfortable you’ll be happy to dance the night away.

9. Go crazy with your eyeshadow

Create a rosy look with tons of depth with the Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Eyeshadow Palette ($30) in 4 Rose. It has five pink shades and a pink-leaning brown so you can create monochrome and multidimensional looks.

10. Color your pout pink

One swipe of Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé Matte Cream Lipstick ($20) in the shade Ascend will have you wondering if your heels can still touch the ground. It’s a striking fuchsia in a comfortable finish that lasts so you can serve up the Barbie reality all day long.

Our editors select these products independently. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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