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It’s that season where time evaporates before your eyes! When it came time to write this post, I couldn’t believe it was time to reflect back on yet another month. This practice has really helped me focus more on the smaller, and often overlooked, moments in life.

Here’s a look at what we did in April 2023 and what it felt like for me…

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The month of April started off with a bang, literally. We woke up on April 1 to 8” of snow and fallen tree limbs in our front and back yards. Winter likes to hang around for a while here in Minnesota and this storm was proof of that. After assessing the damage outside, I took a long bike ride (indoors) to try to shake myself off. That same night, Joe and I went out to dinner with some of our neighborhood friends.

On April 4, I went secondhand for the first time in a long time. I found some wonderful things for the house and some clothes for myself. Check out how I’ve styled some of my finds in this video!

Over Easter weekend, we welcomed the start of a week of glorious weather (finally!). My parents came to town to spend the holiday weekend with us. We had an egg hunt outside with the kids and went to Top Golf which was great fun.

April 10-14 gave us high temperatures in the seventies and eighties. I soaked up every minute I could, taking Zoom meetings outside and running every day. That week, I pressure washed the patios (this is the pressure washer I use!) and cleaned up so many leaves on the patio. We also fixed areas of crumbling brick on our patios, a task that had been on the list for some time.

On the 11th, I started taking my Pilates practice from the mat to the reformer after Club Pilates opened a location near my sons’ school. Getting back to working out with other people has felt amazing.

On the 14th, I went to my friend Lisa’s house for cookbook club. We cook from the book First generation by Frankie Gaw. I made a delicious batch of these Black Sesame Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookies.

April was a very busy time with work. Throughout the month, I did a ton of design for a project we have in the works. I worked on solving some back-end issues on the site. I met with our team to recap the first quarter and plan for the second quarter.

However, my job is not always to cross tangible items off a list. I have also been meeting with a consultant who has helped me do shadow work. This has led me to ask some really difficult questions about my identity, this job, and the beliefs I have about how the two intersect. Frankly, I feel like I’ve grown a lot through this process. It’s hard to face the things you’re ashamed of and accept them at face value. Though finding and shining a light on these tender spots brought a lot of emotion to the surface, once the storm of feelings dissipated, I was reminded why facing the hard things is always worth it in the end.

Summary of the month of April 2023: Sunflowers in a transparent vase

Outside of work, I found myself drawing a lot, for fun, for myself and for Bennett, who wrote a book and asked me to create illustrations for him. I cut my bangs a little shorter. I bought myself sunflowers. Wraps became my favorite at lunch time. Got tons of use out of the best blush – read my review right here!

On April 22, Joe and I had a delicious Italian dinner with my closest friend and her husband. On the 23rd, I went to a lovely intimate dinner hosted by Jason Berke, with cooking by the amazing Brooke Faudree.

This week, I’m working on further organizing the basement. Our next basement design project starts in early May. I can’t wait to share more with all of you.

I am also starting two projects that will be in the works for the next eighteen months. They are big and exciting and I can’t wait to share more with you. They will be a real feast for the eyes! Details will come soon.

As for the last weekend of the month, I will keep my schedule mostly open. We’ll be heading out for martinis at a local lounge in St. Paul (Mancini’s!) and I hope to use the rest of the time to rest and recuperate. After all, summer is coming!

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