Symprove Probiotic Review and Experience

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I have used Symprove Probiotic several times and believe it to be one of the best probiotic products for gut health that I have discovered. Please read my review to learn about my experience and your choices on where to buy Symprove.

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In 2020, after two years of studying for my master’s degree, it was time to fix all the things in my life that fell by the wayside. Reading, exercising and dieting. They took the biggest hit. I survived on what I would call prepared food (compared to what I normally eat) and passed the review and tests on sugar.

So it was time to do something about my diet, and I knew the best place to start would be to work on improving my gut health. That’s where Symprove Probiotic came in, the probiotic everyone is raving about.

My first 12 weeks were given away, which is when I wrote this post, but then I bought another 12 weeks in 2021 and again in 2022. Because I really believe it works.

Symprove comes in 3 flavors: the original, mango and passion fruit and the newer flavor, strawberry and raspberry. My favorite flavor was mango and passion fruit, however now it’s a tie between strawberry and raspberry and mango and passion fruit.

The mango and passion fruit flavor has a strong flavor, while the strawberry and raspberry flavor is much milder, less acidic and definitely the most palatable. However, I think I miss the tartness of Mango & Passionfruit after a few months!

Symprove Strawberry and Raspberry flavor with glass measuring cup

What Symprove is used for

First of all, I think we often forget how important our digestive system is. After all, it is the largest organ in our body and is vital to our health through the key role it plays in absorbing nutrients from the food we eat. It also removes any waste material ready to be removed from our bodies.

The function of the digestive system is highly dependent on the balance of bacteria within it; too few friendly bacteria can lead to slow digestion, weakened immune function, and susceptibility to infection.

If waste moves slowly through the digestive system, some of the toxins can be reabsorbed into the body, causing an increase in the level of dangerous bacteria and presenting a host of potential health problems.

That’s where probiotics come in; They can help prevent these problems by helping to break down food and aiding in the absorption of nutrients, as well as defending the body from harmful bacteria.

I was personally recommended to try these during a conversation I had with a nutritionist at an event a few years ago and had been playing around with several different brands ever since.

Symprove is a unique water-based probiotic formula that is packed with live, active bacteria. Since Symprove is water based, it does not cause digestion.

This results in more live, active bacteria surviving passage through the stomach, creating a better opportunity to colonize the intestine. This ability to generate thriving bacteria is what makes Symprove Probiotic so special.

How long is Symprove taken for?

Apparently a lot of people ask Symprove why the program is 12 weeks. They recommend 12 weeks to start, as that is how long it takes to initially restore the balance of gut bacteria. Some people will feel the effect sooner than others, but a minimum of 12 weeks will give you the best chance to rebalance your gut and notice a difference.

What happens after 12 weeks?

For many people, continuing to take Symprove becomes part of a balanced lifestyle along with a healthy diet and exercise.

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Where to buy Symprove Probiotic

Symprove comes in packs of 4 x 500ml bottles. Each 500 ml bottle lasts for 7 days (one week) during the 12 week program. You can order Symprove Probiotic by the month, but the most convenient and cost-effective option is to subscribe.

I recently committed to the 12-month subscription for £39.99 per month, which is the most cost-effective option.

Of course, Symprove Probiotic is also available on Amazon (what’s not?!). I found it here and it’s available with Prime delivery or at Sephora UK.

A 4 week package direct from Symprove costs £79. If you subscribe, the same 4-week package will cost £49.99 per month max and you can cancel your one-month flexible subscription at any time.

Symprove discount code

Symprove ran a referral scheme to a friend through mentioning me and after I made a purchase, they gave me a link to share so I can get a discount to try Symprove probiotics.

When I signed up I got an extra link that gives you 50% off the first 3 months of a flexible subscription, making £25 a month, that’s a win.

15% discount on a 12-week package

If you just want to try the 12 week/3 month package, then this is (almost) the best discount, saving you £22.50 off the full price. You can use this link or enter the code SIMPLE15 to get a 15% discount on a 12-week package.

£20 off a 12 week package

The next best no-obligation discount is £20 on a 12-week package; you can use this link or enter my name – elle linton – after clicking on the “Have you been recommended by a friend?” link at checkout.

50% discount on your first 3 months

Finally, if you want to sign up for the flexible month-to-month subscription (no minimum term), you can get a 50% discount on your first 3 months. Again, it’s as simple as using this link or entering my name: elle linton – after clicking on the “Have you been recommended by a friend?” link at checkout.

What difference have I seen?

So this story now breaks down into a couple of parts: my first time using Symprove and then looking back on using it a second time.

In 2020, I noticed that I had fewer problems related to my stomach in the first 8 weeks of using Symprove. It had reached a point where he suffered from bloating most of the time. During those 12 weeks of Symprove on that occasion, I only had one episode of bloating.

Sometime between week 8 and 10, I ended up feeling pretty run down. I continued to take Symprove every morning and was able to continue with my daily life.

But then I got the flu virus at the end of December, which meant I couldn’t get out of bed, or eat, so I fell off the wagon. Just when I started to feel better (more than two weeks later!), I got a stomach bug and again… I didn’t eat or rest in bed.

Now looking back almost 3 years later I’m pretty sure the “flu virus” was a very early strain of covvy d.

Eventually, I started to feel a little better and started working out again. However, when I went to complete the last two weeks of the course, I noticed that the best before date had passed.

I contacted Symprove on Instagram and they responded super fast to let me know that the product has a 3 month shelf life as being a living product it ages naturally over time.

However, the date shown is ‘Best by’, do not use before. I was told that because they claim that each daily serving contains 10 billion live bacteria, once the date passes the levels slowly start to drop, but it is still perfectly fine to consume for 1 more month.

Clear post viral symptoms

Since early 2020, after the flu-like virus, I can honestly say that I have never felt like myself (prior to 2020) with an ever-growing list of non-specific symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, and some weight gain.

However, there was a period in 2021, between July and September, where I remember starting to feel like I was making progress again in my health, fitness, and energy levels. But it didn’t last.

When I did a search through my emails to see when I had ordered Symprove again, it was in June 2021. Is this a coincidence? Or was it the effects of Symprove and better gut health?

I had ordered a 12 week pack of Symprove again after going to see a private GP about my problems and she talked to me a lot about gut health and also said that although quite expensive Symprove was the best product on the market .

So far, it sounds like I may be suffering from an underactive thyroid, but whenever we try to dig into the causes, the root of the problem, it always seems to come back to my gut health.

Other Supplements I’ve Tried for Gut Health

In 2016, i tried a few other supplements to help improve my gut health. I’ve always been curious if taking care of my gut would help improve my skin, as it’s an area I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember.

You can catch up on the latest on my post-pill acne here, but since then, I’ve been off the medication and my skin has gone crazy again, more than likely stress related. I definitely have good days and bad days, and as I work to improve my gut health with Symprove, I’m doing my best to be patient.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in aligning your diet with your gut health, then the G Plan diet might be for you. In fact, my mother did the blog review. I think I have the book somewhere, so I should find it and read it.

The book is packed with sample menus and shopping lists, so all you need to do is make your decision, go shopping for ingredients (which are easy to find and relatively inexpensive), prepare meals, and start living the rest of your life. your life with a healthy intestine and all its benefits.

So now I’m really putting Symprove to the test again. I’ve completed another 12 weeks and started a subscription, but hopefully I’ve covered everything in this post that you might want to know about.

Meanwhile, have you ever tried Symprove?


Symprove FAQ

Is Symprove gluten free?

Yeah! Symprove is gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

Is Symprove a probiotic?

Symprove is a food supplement that contains live bacteria in a barley extract. The bacteria can be considered probiotics and the barley extract a prebiotic. However, the use of these two terms is not permitted in commercial communications under European food law. –Ref: Symprove, 2023

What is Symprove used for?

Symprove helps bring beneficial bacteria to your gut to improve digestion, strengthen your immune system, and aid nutrient absorption. I personally use Symprove to improve my gut health as I believe it is the foundation of my overall health, including skin and hormonal health.

Who sells Symprove?

You can buy Symprove directly from Symprove, online. The most cost-effective option is to subscribe; all the options are detailed above in the post along with the discount codes.

Have you had any side effects from Symprove?

I have had no side effects from taking Symprove, nothing negative anyway! I have more regular bowel movements (which is a good sign) and better skin health/reduction in acne.

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