The 23 Best Canned Spinach Recipes to Make Today

Say goodbye to bland, uninspired meals with these canned spinach recipes! These dishes are not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a newbie to the kitchen, you’ll want to add these recipes to your weekly rotation.

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Homemade spinach and artichoke dip with cheese

Spinach is packed with vitamins and nutrients and adds wonderful flavor to your dishes.

Get ready to try some exciting new canned spinach recipes. Plus, learn how to turn canned spinach into some old favorites!

This six-ingredient recipe is ideal for breakfast or brunch. It’s hearty, hearty, and has a surprising amount of flavor.

You won’t believe how well eggs and spinach go together. Their flavors complement each other perfectly.

Toss in some onions and season the dish with salt and pepper. It’s a nutritious breakfast you can feel good about.

Want a spinach and egg dish that focuses more on the eggs than the spinach? No problem! This recipe takes your scrambled eggs every day and adds a pinch of spinach.

It only slightly changes the flavor of the eggs and provides a hint of color.

This recipe is so good, it can trick kids into eating spinach. The tart looks beautiful and very cake-like, which makes it a lot of fun to eat.

It’s also incredibly tasty. The hot puff pastry is rich and delicious. In addition, there is also a decent amount of cheese.

Spinach is super nutritious, which is why most people eat it. But my favorite spinach recipe serves a more decadent purpose.

Yes, I’m talking about creamy, rich and indulgent Spinach Artichoke Dip. It’s ridiculously cheesy and clingy to the max.

I promise I won’t judge you if you choose not to share.

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This flavorful and tangy recipe will be a hit with the whole family. It is layered with flaky, crunchy phyllo dough with cheese, spinach, and scallions. Every bite is earthy and herbaceous, and the crunch is unmatched.

Preparing and baking it takes about an hour, but it’s well worth the time and effort. It is guaranteed to impress your guests.

You can make creamed spinach with fresh spinach. But did you know that you can also prepare it with canned spinach? Use this recipe, but substitute canned spinach in place of fresh spinach leaves.

Slowly add spinach until dish reaches desired consistency. Add more spinach for a thicker dish and less for something creamier.

Spinach rice is warm fluffy rice infused with spinach, ginger, garlic, curry powder and more.

It is a flavorful and aromatic dish that is an excellent accompaniment to anything. You can also use it as a bed for lean protein or grilled vegetables.

Need a recipe to spice up a plain, boring can of spinach? This one has you covered. It starts with “boring and plain spinach” and works its way up.

Add some bacon, garlic, onion, and a few other ingredients. By the time you’re done, most people won’t know you started with something canned.

Add more flavor and nutrients to your wraps by using spinach tortillas. You can find them in the bread aisle at most grocery stores.

But why go to the store when you can make them at home? You need salt, water, spinach, and all-purpose flour.

The recipe is quick and easy to follow, and the resulting tortillas are out of this world. Use them to make wraps, pinwheels, or even delicious quesadillas.

These healthy and filling burritos are 110% Popeye approved. They are meaty, cheesy and have just the right amount of South of the Border flavor.

You can prepare the filling with only eight ingredients. Then just wrap it in a tortilla and call it a day! To keep it low carb, you can serve it as a burrito bowl.

This delicious casserole is so cheesy and full of bacon. You will almost forget that it contains spinach, even though it is very visible on the plate.

This casserole is so full of flavor that even the kids will love it. Just tell them that the green stuff is a really unique type of cheese if you must.

These vegetarian enchiladas are one of my all-time favorites.

Before trying these, I always thought enchiladas were either strictly cheese or filled with meat. I didn’t know you could also get enchiladas filled with vegetables.

This recipe is absolutely to die for! The only thing I changed is the cheese. Instead, I use queso fresco and a Mexican cheese blend.

This sweet and smoky bisque is vegetarian comfort food at its best. It is thick and creamy with the rich flavors of honey, carrots, spinach, onions, and garlic.

It’s vegetable and tastes like something your grandmother would have made. For a complete meal, serve it with thick dark bread or a leafy green salad.

This recipe is my go-to when I need a quick and easy vegan dish. It takes 15 minutes to prepare and uses just a handful of ingredients.

It has a distinctly Indian/Asian flavor to it and is absolutely delicious. You can even convince your non-vegan friends to give it a try.

I love this recipe, and once you try it, you will too. I know that making homemade quiche sounds scary, but this recipe is so easy.

Start with store-bought pie crust for one side. That helps simplify the whole process. Then it’s just a matter of mixing ingredients and baking.

Trust me, there is nothing to do and the results are extraordinary.

This creamy, cheesy, garlicky sauce is perfect for your pasta or pizza. I love to pour it over fettuccine noodles and add some diced chicken.

But honestly, it’s an incredibly versatile sauce. You could use it for almost anything.

Do you want a spinach and egg dish that guarantees pleasure? Try this spinach and cheese omelette. It’s a nutritious way to start the day, but it doesn’t make spinach the star of the show.

If you don’t tell your kids that spinach is in it, they’ll probably never know. Eggs, cheese, and onions have a much more robust flavor.

Quick Garlic Spinach is a flavorful dish that you can make in about 10 to 12 minutes. All you need is a can of spinach, some garlic, and a small onion.

Combine the ingredients and cook them in a little butter or vegetable oil. Add a pinch of red pepper flakes for extra heat.

Yes, believe it or not, you can fry spinach. It is not difficult, although it takes half an hour.

Fry it with an egg, milk and some bacon bits for the best flavor.

This buttery, earthy dish is unique, flavorful, and easy to prepare. It requires less than 10 ingredients and takes around 35 minutes from start to finish.

It features a crunchy, cheesy topping and is impossible to resist. My grandmother usually saved this recipe for after church Sunday dinners. But you can prepare it at any time.

Need a canned spinach side dish that’s ready in about 10 minutes? Put that in the deep fryer and cook it that way!

All you need is a little butter, garlic and onion powder for added flavor.

Don’t you just love recipes that take a can of something and completely transform it? Yeah! And that is exactly what this recipe does.

At its core, it’s a simple canned spinach recipe. However, when you’re done adding all the extras, it’s a whole new thing.

It has more in common with a fresh garden salad than a simple can of spinach. Try it once and you’ll never eat canned spinach again.

This sweet and spicy curry recipe is an easy introduction to Indian food. It tastes amazing on a bed of rice or with some warm naan bread.

Just remember to be careful with fresh ginger and red chili, especially if you’re sensitive to heat.

Canned Spinach Recipes

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