The 37 Best Gifts for Hikers in 2022: Trekking Poles, Backpacks, Trekking Boots from REI, Garmin, Smartwool

Like walking an unfamiliar trail or navigating a series of hairpin turns, finding great hiker gifts can be like treading on treacherous ground: For such a seemingly simple sport, hiking still requires a fair amount of gear for safety, practicality and comfort. and the right pieces of hiking gear, too. The wrong pair of socks or hiking boots can mean the difference between a blissful walk in the woods and a miserable hike, no matter how epic that summit selfie might seem.

Fortunately, between the experts who shared their favorites with SELF and the wide range of high-quality hiking gear available from reputable retailers like REI, Adidas, and Backcountry, you don’t have to be a lifelong outdoor enthusiast to find the perfect gifts for one. From footwear and fanny packs to tech gadgets and supplies, there are plenty of great hiking gifts and socks to choose from that will leave your outdoorsy buddy smiling and looking sharp at the trailhead.

If you know someone who loves bagging peaks, can’t decide whether to hit the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Ridge Trail first, or just prefers to spend time in nature, here are some great gifts for them. hikers will appreciate on their next outdoor adventure. It may seem early to start your holiday shopping, but we strongly recommend that you order as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays and ensure you get something for everyone on your list.

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