The 7 Best Substitutes For Tomato Passata

The best substitutes for tomato puree they include tomato paste, canned tomatoes, ketchup and more.

Whether it’s a hearty stew, spicy curry, or savory pasta, I’ve got a list of easy passata swaps to save the day.

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Tomato Passata or puree in a black bowl

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of substitutes and get ready to liven up your recipes.

You’ll never have to stress again if you don’t have tomato passata on hand!

What is tomato passata?

Tomato passata is a silky smooth tomato puree made with juicy, ripe tomatoes. They are cooked until they are a lovely soft pulp.

After the tomatoes finish cooking, they are passed through a strainer. This step removes all the seeds and skins, leaving a super smooth puree.

And voila! You already have the tomato passata ready to animate your sauces, soups and many more dishes. Its lush texture and strong flavor cannot be beat.

It doesn’t just complement other ingredients, it accentuates them.

It has a thick, jam-like consistency that is very versatile. Do you need an extension? Use passata! Do you want an elegant base for your sauces? Passata is.

In addition to all this, the tomato passata is an excellent option for health lovers. It is a healthy and sugar-free alternative to typical tomato sauces.

Simply put, it’s the perfect balance between tasty and healthy. Adds a delicious touch to your recipes while keeping the sugar level low.

Uses of tomato passata

Starting with the basics, the passata is a champion in pasta sauces. Its smooth texture and full-bodied flavor give any pasta dish a comforting, authentic Italian touch.

And pizza enthusiasts, guess what? Passata is a phenomenal pizza base, delivering rich tomato flavor with every bite.

Beyond pasta and pizza, passata works its magic in casseroles, casseroles, and soups.

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It adds a velvety texture and a depth of flavor that is to die for. It’s perfect for a cozy casserole, robust stew, or comforting tomato soup.

And we can’t forget about our international favourites! Butter chicken, lasagna, and ground beef dishes are updated with passata.

It adds a unique touch to these dishes, infusing them with its distinctive tomato goodness.

But wait, there is more! Passata even has a place in the world of dips and sauces. It adds a rich, spicy undertone that can liven up your favorite dips or potato dips.

The best substitutes for tomato passata

Canned tomatoes on a garnish

1. Canned tomatoes

When it comes to trading passata, canned tomatoes are the top contenders. The key difference? Canned tomatoes are cooked, while passata is made with raw tomatoes.

The canning process actually locks in that fresh tomato flavor, making it a great substitute for passata.

You’ll notice a change in texture since canned tomatoes come in different shapes, but it’s a quick fix. Do you have whole canned tomatoes? Just crush them and strain them. Chopped or crushed canned tomatoes work the same way. voila!

Yes, it can be a little thinner than passata, but all you have to do is simmer your dish a little longer.

A bowl of marinara sauce with basil on top

2. Pasta Sauce or Marinara Sauce

Another great passata substitute is tomato pasta sauce or marinara sauce. Both are packed with that tomato punch you’ve been looking for.

Unlike the simple, pure tomato profile of the passata, these sauces bring more flavors to the table.

This means your recipe will taste slightly different, but don’t worry. If your pasta sauce recipe calls for passata, using marinara or pasta sauce will do the trick.

Any additional flavors will blend well with your other ingredients. It is a simple and tasty solution.

A bowl of tomato paste and tomatoes on a wooden table

3. Tomato paste

Tomato paste can serve as a solid alternative to passata. Like the passata, it is usually pure tomato but a little thicker.

Add a little water and you can even out its texture. Once you’ve diluted it, you can step in for passata in any recipe.

The flavor stays true and your swap is likely to go under the radar. If it turns out too thin, don’t worry. Try mixing tomato paste with flour, sugar, and water.

This mixture creates a thicker, passata-like liquid. It is ready to cook and enhance your dishes.

Pile of fresh red organic tomatoes on a rustic cloth

4. Fresh tomatoes

Nothing screams fresh like fresh tomatoes, which is a hallmark of passata. If it’s that fresh burst you’re after, fresh tomatoes are the ideal replacement.

But be prepared to roll up your sleeves. You need to prepare these gems fresh, crush them and strain the skin and seeds. This process takes a bit longer, so it might not be the best option if you’re racing against the clock.

But if you’re okay with a little bit of tomato chunks in your recipe, then dip into fresh tomatoes. The flavor will stay true, with an added touch of texture.

Coarse puree of red peppers in a bowl with parsley and spices

5. Red pepper puree

If tomatoes aren’t on your menu, pureed red peppers might be your ticket. They add a different flavor, but in some recipes they work wonderfully. Plus, its rich red hue keeps the appearance of your dish consistent.

Craving that passata tang? Lemon juice comes to the rescue! Roasted red peppers are available canned in stores, or you can roast them yourself.

Making pepper puree is simple. Roast and peel some red bell peppers, then send them for a spin in your food processor.

Ketchup in a bowl with tomatoes and garlic in the background

6. tomato sauce

Sure, the ketchup is tomato-based like the passata, but I won’t vouch for that as a substitute. It’s too sweet!

Thinning it with water or adding a bit of vinegar to cut the sweetness is an option. To get the flavor right, your sauce will get super watery and super thin. Not ideal!

The tomato sauce also has additional ingredients that alter the flavor of your dish. It is noticeably sweeter, so you should adjust your recipe accordingly.

A bowl of beef broth on a table

7. Meat broth

Need that umami zing of passata but can’t use tomatoes? Consider beef broth. It adds a meaty, umami edge, much like the passata.

Just remember, the broth is thinner and doesn’t have the rich red hue of the passata. This will alter the texture and appearance of your dish. But if umami is your main goal, beef broth can hit the spot.

Tomato passata substitutes

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