The 8 Best On Cloud Shoes for Walking in 2023

If you have ever finished a long day feeling like you were laboriousYou already know the importance of good walking shoes. While sneakers may be the first type of shoe that comes to mind for registration steps, different brands offer different advantages. Among them is On, the Swiss shoe brand known for its uniquely responsive running shoes. It’s a particularly good choice if constantly standing, running errands, or walking around town drains energy from your step.

What should you look for when buying walking shoes?

In addition to a proper fit and, ideally, cute color combinations, your new pair of walking shoes should check the following boxes to keep your feet reliably comfortable day in and day out.


Walking, running, and jumping require a lot of shock absorption by your feet, because these activities support your body weight. A well-cushioned shoe can reduce some of that force and help your feet feel energized longer, Jossie Abraham, DPM, a podiatric surgeon at Hartford HealthCare Connecticut Orthopedic Institute at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Connecticut, tells herself.


Also known as “power,” a shoe’s springiness and ability to encourage forward movement determines its responsiveness, says Dr. Abraham. He adds that shoes with rocker-shaped soles or soles that are stiffer around the toes can help improve this characteristic.


When a walking shoe provides proper support, it helps keep your foot stable and in place without rolling or slipping. A deep heel that hugs the back of your foot is a good feature to look for, says Dr. Abraham, adding that heavier, stiffer shoes will provide more support than lightweight ones with thin soles. He may consider shoes designed for specific tendencies like pronation (when the feet turn in) and supination (when the feet turn out), or try pairs marketed as “stability shoes.”


Dr. Abraham recommends looking for shoes that have a breathable mesh toe box for flexibility and airflow’s sake (something you definitely want to consider if your feet tend to sweat). Other materials to consider are waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex, which come in handy if rain is forecast.

Who should try on walking shoes?

If you prioritize cushioning and responsiveness in your shoe, On might be a great brand to try (you might also consider Hoka or Nike). The brand’s CloudTec cushioning system, found in all On shoes, is made to feel soft yet springy, so your feet can stay comfortable without feeling bogged down by heavy padding. That’s a great balance to strike if you find yourself dragging your feet at the end of the day. In addition, On offers a circular subscription service for its Cyclon gear line: you buy the shoes, wear them, then return them: the brand will send you a new pair and recycle the old one.

Another reason to love On: Their shoes come in a wide range of on-trend colors. Sure, you’ll find standard blacks, whites, and neutrals that will go with anything, but the brand always has at least one color combination that will catch your eye, with hints of pastels or unexpected shade combinations.

The best On Cloud shoes for walking

Here, we’ve selected the best pairs of On shoes for all your walking, walking and trekking needs.

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