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There’s something about Amsterdam. Maybe it’s the charming architecture or the horseshoe-shaped canals or the laid-back lifestyle. The streets are lively and the people are friendly, the buildings are historic and the dogs are off-leash. Whether it’s art, history or hell, even cheese is what brings you to Amsterdam, you’re in for a treat.

For your next visit, complete your itinerary with some of these must-see stops.

Amsterdam 101:
Language: Dutch, although English is spoken throughout the city
Electric: Type C two pin plug
Badge: Euro (€). Credit cards are commonly accepted, although it’s a good idea to have cash on hand for the unexpected cash-only situation, so visit an ATM soon after you arrive.
Tips: As in most of Europe, tips are generally not expected. However, it is polite to leave extra change or round up. Leave your 20%-or-else-I’m-a-terrible-person American guilt behind.
Climate: Keep an eye on the weather report, as Mother Nature can be finicky in Amsterdam. May and June offer the best chance for a comfortable visit, though there’s always a chance of rain and temperatures can cool down quickly, so make room for a scarf in your suitcase. If you’re eager to see the tulips in full bloom, well worth it, plan to visit between mid-April and mid-May.
Move: Save your taxi money. From Schiphol Airport, the fastest and cheapest way to get to the city center is by train. It will take you only 20 minutes and will cost you a few euros. Once in the city, Amsterdam is easily accessible on two feet and two wheels. Just make sure you look both ways, as bikes rule the roads in Amsterdam.

Where to rest your head in style: You will probably want to stay in the city center during your visit. Anywhere along the canals will keep you in the action, from Airbnbs to the ultra-modern hotels that dot the city, particularly in the Jordaan district.

The Hoxton Hotel, made up of five 17th-century canal houses that once housed the mayor of Amsterdam, is a design lover’s paradise. The i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed at The Hoxton, from the aesthetic elements to the staff who have thought of everything. Good luck steer clear of Lotti’s though, the bar and restaurant downstairs. May we suggest the tartare?

a stay in the pulitzer it will increase your cool factor by a few degrees. An intricate maze of 25 interconnected Golden Age canal houses, it boasts everything from quaint, cozy rooms to lavishly appointed suites with their own canal entrances. Count on us for the Book Collector’s Suite for our next visit.

To live like a local, narrow stairs and all, look on Airbnb and Homeaway. We are crazy about this lovely loft in the historic Nine Streets, this outdoor apartment overlooking the canal and this luxurious houseboat. (Hey, when in Amsterdam, right?)

As for up-and-coming neighborhoods, check out places in De Pijp, the Westerpark area, and Amsterdam Noord. Just keep in mind that if you’re heading north, you’ll have to take the ferry from Central Station, as it’s on the other side of the IJ River. No ticket is needed though, so consider it a free boat ride.

Museums, museums, museums: Between art, history and design, Amsterdam has it all when it comes to museums. Van Goghs, Rembrandts and Picassos, oh my!

Some of the most popular museums are located on Museumplein: Rijks Museum, Van Gogh Museum and municipal Museum. then there is Hermitage of Amsterdam, Foam and EYE Film Museum Also, an extraordinary modern building where you can immerse yourself in a film screening and then discuss plot points over coffee in the café overlooking the waterfront. (Bonus: the permanent exhibition at EYE is free.)

Then of course there is the Anne Frank House. Your eighth grade history teacher would be terribly disappointed if you skipped this one. From 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., the museum is only open to visitors with an online ticket with specific times, so you’ll want to book your ticket online as soon as possible, up to two months in advance.

Pro Tip: If you plan to visit multiple museums, buy a museum cardthat gives you access to 42 museums for only €59.90, the price of three tickets. Wait times can be long and no one wants to spend their vacation in line, so keep an eye out live lineswhich tells you real-time wait times for museums.

Yes, yes, captain! He rents a boat: You could pay for a guided boat tour and half listen to historical facts, if that’s your style. Or you could be the captain of your own ship and navigate the canals yourself. sloop parts offers elegant boats for rent that you can reserve online. Gather your fellow travelers as well as any new friends you make on your trip, as the boats can accommodate up to 12 people.

One night on the town: Immerse yourself in all things Amsterdam over a local beer, typical Dutch bites, and lively conversation with the locals hanging out near the waterfront. Here’s his itinerary, in order: Oceanfront, Oxide, please, hannekes boom. You can thank us later.

Prepare a picnic: WesterparkA less crowded alternative to the popular (and also a must-see) Vondelpark, the city’s second-largest park is the perfect place for a picnic and people-watching. you might as well hit pacific park – either for a meal on the terrace during the day or a dance party at night – or mussels and gin for a plate of oysters paired with their specialty: gin. (How does gin infused with poached pear and Thai pepper sound? Yeah, we thought so.) Festivals come to Westerpark every weekend when summer rolls around, so chances are you’ll be in for some kind of celebration.

Enjoy a cocktail or two (or three, who are we to say how many?): The cocktail scene is real in Amsterdam. Belly up bars on the hoxton (Say hi to Juan for me!) and the pulitzer – the servers at each are friendly, insightful and free of any air of pretense.

If you’re looking for an animated scene, head over to feijoa bar. After all, her motto is “You never know how the night will end.” A more relaxed atmosphere at your own pace? Go to HPS (Hiding in plain sight). and don’t miss gate 74, the first speakeasy-style cocktail bar in the Netherlands. Just be sure to make reservations in advance, take a few extra minutes to find the hidden door, and have a strong drink for us, will you?

Shop until you know what: For all things shopping, just walk straight down Haarlemmerstraat, popping in and out of the independent boutiques and quaint restaurants that dot this street. The Gift Lab is your go-to for a little bit of everything: handmade children’s toys, ooh la la lingerie, and edgy dresses from local designers. then sail around suka amsterdam, a stunning sun-drenched space filled with sustainable and ethically made fashion and homewares. And be sure to appear on restored, just down the street from Suhka. Restored is so Dutch in his effort to encourage you to live slow and live well. One of everything, please!

Throughout Amsterdam, you’ll find short-term fashion pop-up shops. Get in, every time. It’s worth it.

local slang:
English is everywhere in Amsterdam, phew! – but it’s always a good idea to learn a few key phrases in the local language, no matter where you are in the world. (If only to entertain the cute server with your American accent.)

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