Top 25 Vegan Jackfruit Recipes to Try Today

These vegan jackfruit recipes they are so good, even carnivores won’t miss the meat! With its meaty texture and supple flavor, jackfruit is a game changer.

Over the years, this tropical fruit has become a popular ingredient in plant-based cooking. With its amazing range of versatility, it’s easy to see why.

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Vegan jackfruit curry with pita and rice

For its ability to mimic pulled pork and imitate chicken nuggets, it’s a magical ingredient. Make it into a curry, stack it on top of nachos, or make some epic sliders.

Whatever you do with it, these creative vegan jackfruit recipes are delicious.

One of the best things you can do with jackfruit is to have a vegan barbecue. When crushed, the texture is like pork. When it is not ripe, it has a neutral flavor.

Add barbecue sauce to the mix, and it’s just like meat. Put it on a bun, add a crispy cole slaw, and enjoy. This juicy barbecue is calling your name.

Jackfruit and curry were made for each other. You do not believe me? Wait until you try this easy jackfruit curry.

The jackfruit blends with all the spices in the fresh tomato base. Then, soak up the creamy coconut milk until thick and flavorful.

It’s a great way to make an Indian-style curry, especially if you’re looking for something plant-based.

If you think General Tso’s chicken is good, wait until you try the jackfruit. It’s amazing how meaty it tastes!

The secret is in the seven-ingredient sauce. Simmer the jackfruit in it, then combine it with rice and broccoli.

It’s quick, tasty, satisfying, and ready in 30 minutes.

Jackfruit is a great option to make vegan stews meatier. This recipe is a good example. The jackfruit gives the dish more oomph, making it more abundant.

Don’t let the long list of ingredients intimidate you! This robust and flavorful soup is much easier than you might think.

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I love these tacos! Try them and you will too.

Taco seasoning, coconut aminos, and alliums flavor the jackfruit. Once crushed, it tastes like meat.

Stack it on a crispy shell with your choice of taco toppings. Salsa, avocado, red cabbage, and lettuce are great options.

It’s Jackfruit BBQ Slider time! For cookouts, tailgates, or game days, these sliders are a must.

They are flavorful, slightly sweet, slightly smoky, and meaty. Pound the jackfruit on a mini bun with the creamy and tangy cole slaw. Don’t worry, the cole slaw has vegan mayonnaise, so the sliders are completely plant based.

If you want to try cooking fresh jackfruit instead of canned, try these carnitas. From the texture to the seasoning, this dish tastes sensational.

The key is to dial in the correct seasonings and proportions. You need a lot of spices and flavorings like Mexican oregano, cumin, and tamari. And don’t forget the DO!

This is not exactly the same as pork carnitas. Still, it’s a worthy plant-based substitute.

There really is no match for perfectly crispy and succulent fried chicken. But this is something you have to try.

The breading is so flavorful and crunchy that you’ll think you’re actually eating chicken. Sink your teeth into it and you’ll find a jackfruit surprise.

Pair it with your favorite fried chicken dipping sauce.

These tasty morsels are so addicting. The tender jackfruit, crispy coating, and spices are enticing. I have a feeling the kids will love these as much as you do.

They’re great as an alternative to soy-free chicken nuggets. You can also easily make them gluten free.

If you told me jackfruit ribs taste so good, I wouldn’t believe you. Once again, the versatility of the jackfruit is amazing.

For the right texture and binding, add vital wheat gluten. Combined with liquid smoke, maple syrup, spices, and flavorings, it tastes like barbecue.

For the full effect, pair it with grilled corn, vegan potato salad, and BBQ baked beans.

How do you make a classic tuna salad vegan? The answer is jackfruit and chickpeas.

Puree those two in a food processor and mix with vegan mayonnaise. Add celery, onion, Old Bay, and a squeeze of lemon.

Now, just make your sandwich.

Another play on a classic is this Creamy Salad Sandwich. It’s like a chicken salad sandwich without meat.

Celery and red onion give it extra texture, while capers, Dijon, dill, and vegan mayonnaise give it the perfect flavor.

Jackfruit salad will keep well in the fridge for about 5 days, so you can make it ahead of time.

Tandoori chicken is a favorite in my household. So when I featured them on Meatless Monday, my family was ecstatic.

The tandoori masala marinade adds a lot of flavor to the skewers. No one will miss the meat.

I also really like that you can bake them in the oven. It makes cooking very easy.

You can even use jackfruit to make chicken noodle soup! This classic is super nutritious, especially for those cold days when you’re under the weather.

All you need are eight ingredients, one of which is water. You can also use gluten-free pasta or add vegetable broth for more flavor.

It is clean tasting, revitalizing, healthy and plant based.

These delicious bowls will satisfy your umami cravings.

Plenty of flavorings and seasonings create a tempting pulled pork with jackfruit. Chinese five-spice blend, tamari, and lemongrass are some crucial ingredients.

Combined with the crunchy, colorful cole slaw and white rice, it makes for a complete meal. It’s one you’ll definitely want to repeat.

Next time you want a big bowl of hot chili, give it a try. It comes together in just 35 minutes, and it’s healthy to boot!

It’s a robust, bold and flavorful bowl of vegan comfort food.

Chili powder, oregano, cumin, and paprika keep the spices easy. Jackfruit, two types of beans and vegetables make it hearty.

Garnish it with your favorite chili toppings and maybe grab a slice of vegan cornbread.

Get creative with your pizza toppings and try the BBQ jackfruit.

It’s a different take on barbecue pizza that doesn’t involve a lot of work.

You cook canned jackfruit with barbecue sauce and shred the meat. So, it’s time for assembly.

Top store-bought dough with cheese, pineapple, onion, jalapenos, and jackfruit.

It’s fun for both family vegan pizza night and Meatless Monday.

Craving for healthy Mexican food? These jackfruit enchiladas are calling your name!

The flour tortillas have a filling of jackfruit, black beans, and green chile. Meanwhile, the toppings are as fresh as the farmers market. Avocado, tomatoes, red onions, and cilantro make the dish stand out.

All you need to finish them off is a drizzle of vegan sour cream and vegan cheese.

These vegan crab cakes are a brilliant use of canned jackfruit. The recipe turns a bunch of pantry staples into one meal.

Breadcrumbs and flax eggs are key ingredients for binding, and Old Bay seasoning is a must for flavor. After a quick pan, the cakes are done.

Pair them with salsa, make them into a sandwich, or add a salad. It is a light, vegan and easy to prepare meal.

Step up your vegan mac and cheese game with this recipe.

A dish based primarily on dairy-free cheese might sound like blasphemy. But I assure you, this plant-based mac is too good to pass up. The contrast of flavors is incredible.

Jackfruit is spicy and tasty. And the sauce is sweet, cheesy, creamy, and smoky. Combined with the pasta, it is unforgettable.

Are you looking for new ideas for vegan wraps? I have a healthy and tasty option for you.

You prepare green jackfruit so it tastes like barbecue. Then, stuff it into a tortilla with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and onion.

To make it extra delicious, add the four-ingredient vegan garlic aioli.

Whatever you’re planning for this week’s meal, add these gyros to the list. Sour, sweet, salty and umami jackfruit is excellent on its own. But it’s even better in a soft pita with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and tzatziki.

It is a healthy Mediterranean meal that is full of flavor.

These Imitation Chicken Thighs make a great centerpiece for a vegan holiday dinner. They are also a super clever use of rice paper.

You cook jackfruit and oyster mushrooms with a tasty marinade. Then wrap it in rice paper.

Brush with an umami tomato sauce, then bake. The rice paper gives them a crunchy texture while locking all the flavors inside.

Do you need a vegan dip for a party? This buffalo dip will have everyone raving.

It’s spicy, flavorful, creamy, and cheesy just like buffalo chicken dip. But it’s 100 percent meat and dairy free.

Serve with a side of vegetable sticks, crackers, or crostini. Or give your guests options and serve it with all three.

These jackfruit nachos are epic!

They come fully loaded with the works. They have guacamole, salsa, black beans, and seasoned jackfruit tacos. Use non-dairy cheese and non-dairy sour cream to make them vegan.

There’s so much good stuff going on that no one will even realize it’s plant-based.

Serve them up at your next party or game day gathering. They are also a super easy dinner.

Vegan Jackfruit Recipes

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