Why Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream is essential against aging

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These days when I put on full makeup, i.e. foundation (which is much more often lately than it has been in the last three years!), I make sure to properly prep my skin. makes a enormous difference. Keeping it hydrated ensures that my makeup goes on much smoother and more evenly. When I say my skin looks the best it’s ever had, it’s partly down to how I prep (and care for) it. and like a result, my makeup has always looked better. win win

I’ve found that a good moisturizer is key, and I’ve been looking for one that has a little more substance—this is where Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream ($59) comes in.


Clarins, Multi-Active Day Cream — $59.00

  • ultra moisturizing
  • feels luxurious
  • Show results quickly
  • Ideal for layering with makeup.
  • Contains SPF
  • It has anti-aging and lightening benefits.
  • Great for all skin types
  • It is fragranced (it would be a good idea to test a small area of ​​skin if you have a more sensitive complexion)
  • I wish it was SPF 30

How does it work:

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream is a morning moisturizer that targets signs of aging like fine lines, thanks to the plant-based ingredient Teasel Extract, also known by the whimsical names of “bird cabaret” or “Venus bath.” Teasel extract promotes the production of ATP (short for adenosine triphosphate), which, according to board-certified dermatologist Anna Guanche, MD, can speed up cellular metabolism, stimulate protein synthesis, and promote collagen and elastin.

However, in this particular day cream, Clarins encapsulated organic thistle extract to protect skin cells against free radicals. Another key ingredient is Myrothamnus extract (also known as the resurrection plant), which helps reduce daily stress and keeps skin visibly toned and smooth.

The day cream also protects skin from UV rays with SPF 20, though we should always aim for SPF 30. “The absolute minimum is SPF 15 for daily use, (but) SPF 30 is ideal,” Christina Lee Chung, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, previously told Well+Good.

My honest review:

Until this year, my moisturizers were more gel-like, but I have gone for thicker formulas since my 40+ skin became drier. So this Clarins day cream definitely falls into the thicker consistency category, but it works well on my skin. It requires a different type of application, similar to La Mer, where you take a bit and warm it between your fingers to bring it up to skin temperature, then press it onto your face and neck. So if you’re looking for a face cream that goes on really fast, this one takes a tiny a little more work. I used it for about a week and my skin was smooth, felt and looked healthy. I also noticed that my forehead lines didn’t look as deep! (I’m in between Botox appointments.)

Photo: Marie Lodi

As for the real test, which is whether or not my makeup turned out right, it passed with flying colors. However, I do have some disclaimers; It is quite scented, which is not my favorite thing, but I can usually get used to it (my La Mer foundation has a noticeable fragrance and I got used to it pretty quickly). Also, even though it has included SPF 20, I don’t consider it much of a benefit since I use a separate sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF.

What other reviewers say

This is one of Clarins’ most popular products, and for good reason. One shopper says, “Wow, I love this face cream. It feels so good as soon as I apply it to my face. I’m in my late 30s so I always look for products that address fine lines. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking so radiant. Some days I wear it alone, other days I layer makeup on top of it, but my skin looks great both ways.”

Another writes: “I love that this cream instantly transforms my skin! When I use it in the morning, it brightens my skin so I can take on the day.”

Overall, this day cream is pretty good as a morning moisturizer and you want to treat signs of aging like wrinkles, as long as you like a thicker consistency and don’t mind the fragrance.

Our editors select these products independently. Making a purchase through our links may generate a commission for Well+Good.

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